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Access nature’s healing gifts through all stages of life

Individualized Flower Essence Blends and Consultation to support your health, well being, and personal development

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Flower Essence Consultation for Individuals

  • Are you feeling uncertain, anxious, despondent, exhausted, or worried?
  • Are you beginning a new creative endeavor or heading into a new phase of life?
  • Do you want to feel more grounded on the earth or more spiritually connected?
  • Would you like more balance, clarity, focus, or centering in your life?
  • Would you like to live with greater trust in Divine Guidance and Inspiration?
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Flower Essence Consultation for Pets

  • Is your dog or cat exhibiting anxious, aggressive, or fearful behavior?
  • Are they transitioning to a new home or experiencing changes in their environment?
  • Does your dog or cat need to adapt to another household pet?
  • Are they learning or struggling with house breaking practices?
  • Is your pet dealing with trauma or illness?
  • Are they experiencing their last days and moments before death?

Flower essences transform patterns that no longer serve us

Hello, I’m Moira Krum

I’m a Flower Essence Practitioner who loves supporting people through all transitions and stages of life.

I also support dogs and cats with flower essences. Flower essences can help animals who are exhibiting anxious, lethargic, fearful, or aggressive behaviors, transitioning to a new home, learning house breaking practices, dealing with trauma and illness, and experiencing their last days and moments before death.

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Flower essences can support people at any stage of life

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What are Flower Essences?

Flowers are nature’s crowning gifts. Through their vibrant and unique scents, colors, shapes, and patterns, they delight the senses and bring us joy. On an energetic level, flower essences help us identify mental and emotional qualities that need to be strengthened or awakened. They support us in transforming patterns that no longer serve us and help us maintain or regain stability and focus during times of profound change and transformation.

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How Do They Help?

Flower essences work according to the principle of resonance. Aspects of each flower essence resonate with and amplify particular qualities within the human soul. The more closely the remedy resonates with the energetic condition of the person taking the remedy, the greater the effect will be. Remedy combinations are highly individual and specific in order to work deeply and effectively with each person at his/her particular moment/stage in life.

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Who Can Benefit from Taking Flower Essences?

Flower essences can support all people at any stage of life and can be integrated into any program of care. They do not interfere with other forms of treatment such as homeopathic remedies or prescription drugs. Flower essences can also have beneficial effects on animals and plants.


Working with Moira and the Alaskan Essences has been a tremendous support to me as I navigate a major life transition.

The essences have helped me gain clarity and sureness as I move through the different stages of processing.

I love working with Moira because in her quiet but confident way, she guides me to discern the themes that are living most strongly in me.

Karen M., Ithaca, NY

When I began working with Moira, I had no experience with flower essences. I trusted my heart and was willing to give them a try, especially as Moira often incorporates the Alaskan Essences in her remedies, and I had previously lived in Alaska and had experienced the beauty of this area. Now, months later, I can see that taking a remedy is a good habit for me. I truly see the essences as valuable support on my life’s journey.

Through our consultation sessions, Moira has helped me understand myself and to notice and appreciate synchronicities I encounter. My conversations with Moira have helped me connect the dots in my life experiences and to see value in all parts of my life’s journey. I appreciate her insights and trust in her intuitive selection of essences and gem elixirs.

Nature is truly our best teacher. Working with flower essences has increased my understanding of vibrational healing. I now see flower essence healing as an important component in my self-development.

Deborah Roberts, Myofascial Release Practitioner, Ghent, NY

A bee takes her nourishment from the parts of the plant that are steeped in love. In this way, a bee brings the love from the flowers into the beehive.

—Rudolf Steiner