Meet Moira Krum

I’m a Flower Essence Practitioner who loves supporting people and their pets through all transitions and stages of life.

I’m passionate about working with individuals to support their health, well-being, and personal development during all stages of their life’s journey, especially during transitional times. This may include life changes relating to pregnancy and birth, childhood, adolescence, parenting, career decisions, older age, and death.

I also have experience supporting dogs and cats using flower essences. I’ve used essences to support animals who are exhibiting aggressive or fearful behaviors, transitioning to a new home, learning house breaking practices, dealing with trauma and illness, and experiencing their last days and moments before death.

Having been trained by many gifted teachers, I include essences from the Bach Flowers, the Flower Essence Society, and Alaskan Essences, among others, in my custom formulated blends. 


Practitioner Training
Workshops & Mentoring
  • Monthly Essence Circles with Ruth Toledo Altschuler, as well as one-on-one and small group flower essence practitioner mentoring sessions with Ruth
  • Center for Biography and Social Art – Awakening Connections Creating Community Workshops:
    • Beginnings From Birth to age 7, Life on Earth
    • Opening to the World, ages 7 to 14
    • Closed for Reconstruction, ages 14-21
    • The Heart of Listening
    • Staying Connected in Challenging Times—Finding Common Ground
    • How Are You, Really?
    • Seasons in Nature, Seasons in Life
    • Who is Your Family?

My Story

Since I was a child playing beneath our Willow trees or running through fields, I have been enlivened and nurtured by nature. I loved picking Buttercups and holding them under my chin (to see if I loved butter, of course!). I loved smelling the sweet scent of the Red Clover blossoms when pressed between my fingers and gathering bouquets made from Dandelions, Queen Anne’s Lace, and Chicory. As an adult, I am continually nourished by nature—by hiking in the woods, walking in the creek, and spending time in the company of flowers.

I was introduced to flower essences in 2010 by a wise older woman who had used Bach Flower Remedies from Healing Herbs for years and recommended I try them for myself.

I was intrigued by her suggestion, so I purchased a Healing Herbs 38-essence Bach Flower Remedy kit and a few resource books on how to use them and began taking the essences. I noticed subtle shifts—in my moods, my feelings, my perspectives.

Soon, I began sharing single essences with my family and, occasionally, offering essences to other family members and friends. They noticed positive, subtle shifts occurring in themselves, as well. I loved that the essences worked on the soul level using emotions as the guide to understanding one’s disharmonies and imbalances.

In 2012, I was faced with a challenging decision: should I enroll in a three-summer Waldorf High School teacher training program across the country at Rudolph Steiner College? As I had already taught for years in private and public schools and had young children, I was unsure if becoming a Waldorf teacher was the right choice for me at the moment. I came across the name of a local herbalist, who was also a flower essence practitioner, and made an appointment with her.

At our consultation, she recommended I take Scleranthus to help me make this decision. Days later, it became clear. I deeply wanted to enroll in this three-summer training. Soon after, I enrolled. This training turned out to be life-changing for me and led me on a path to become a teacher in a Waldorf school and in Waldorf-inspired high school homeschool groups.

It was there in Sacramento that I first became introduced to the Flower Essence Society. Their essences seemed so intriguing— flowers biodynamically grown at their Terra Flora Gardens or found in the Sierra Nevada region. Here were essences that differed from the Bach Remedies and were made from flowers such as Mountain Pride, Sunflower, Hibiscus, Shasta Daisy, Star Tulip, and Mariposa Lily. 

While I did not begin using the FES essences at this time, I joined their mailing list, and over many years, continued to read about the good work done by FES practitioners affiliated with this organization: helping refugees in Greece, earthquake victims in Japan, and disadvantaged children in Mexico. Wow, I thought, I would love to be able to offer people help and support using the flower essences.

I continued using Bach Flower Remedies over the years, always consulting my books and manuals to choose the right essences, and yet also yearning to understand the essences on a deeper level.

In 2020, world events brought many challenges—people were affected physically, mentally, socially, emotionally. At the same time, numerous people began to question traditional health care practices. I began to wonder what new wellness paradigms were ready to emerge and if I might be called to help facilitate this shift.

In January 2021, I researched options for flower essence practitioner training and was delighted to learn that online training in flower essence therapy was starting to be offered for the first time. I soon enrolled in an online Level 1 Bach Flower Remedy course with Marjorie Ville through the Bach Centre in England. I gladly continued with her through Level 2.

Having discovered the Alaskan Essences, I then began on-line training with Judith Poelarends at Alaskan Essences and completed all three levels of training. The Alaskan gem elixirs and environmental essences, combined with the flower essences, create powerful, resonant remedies, and I was delighted to train with Judith.

I was thrilled to learn that the Flower Essence Society was offering online training for the first time. And in the spring of 2022, I completed their intensive training program with Ruth Toledo Altschuler.

All three of my teachers are extraordinarily experienced practitioners and highly gifted teachers to whom I am very grateful.

I continue to deepen my understanding of flower essence therapy with online classes, individual study, and most of all, being out in nature, observing the plants, and spending time in their beautiful presence.

And I have learned so much by taking remedies myself. Indeed, I have experienced profound shifts as a result of these remedies and have learned first-hand how gently and powerfully they work.

My love of and appreciation for the gifts that the flowers, trees, and plants provide to us is my passion that year-by-year continues to blossom and grow.

Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves.

—John Muir, Our National Parks , 1901