First snowfall of winter in the Berkshires

by | Dec 12, 2022

Last night Ginger, our mini Golden Doodle, and I ran through snow six inches deep. She bounded and leapt: Rudolph the Reindeer– reddish colored fur–without the red nose.

Snow clung to her curly fur. Ice balls matted her paws. Soon, I would pry them off, melt them with the hair dryer, hold her paws under warm water.

Outside in the dark stillness, snow falling. Deep quiet. Sacredness of space and time. The earth asleep, yet very awake.

In the morning, snow covered trees. Nature’s paint brush dipped in White painted each branch, large or small, outlined them. Defined them in White.

I looked out my window at the huge pine tree across the street. I observe it often. What do I notice, today, tree? The word Imposing came to my mind. The old pine loomed large in its painted Whiteness.

I went outside with my camera. Wanting to capture the details, the intricacies of branches, limbs in their showy snowiness.

When snow-covered, I saw intricate interlocking matrixes of crab apple tree branches. Shapes—triangles, diamonds. Patterns-crosses, __

I approached the imposing pine. Stared up at it, stooped under its large magnificence. Taking photos, I noticed the heaviness the branches were holding. Cold, wet snow weighing down thick limbs, delicate pine needles. 

It is bearing weight, holding uprightness while weighted down. Holding, bearing, enduring.

A sight gust of wind. Whoosh! As in an avalanche, snow falling from branches, casting snowy mist into the air. I jumped back from the frozen spray. Smiled. (The Tree Spirit playing a joke on me?) The photo captured the moment.

Later, Ginger was again outside, bounding in the snow. Outlined in White. Snow covered like the trees, she is lightness running in the White, outlined by the snow-heavy branches.

She nosed the dried hydrangea hanging from its snowy stem. Remnants of fall.

Back inside to warmth. I will dry her off. Pull off icy clumps clinging to her fur.

Alas, the first snowfall of winter in the Berkshires. May it be the first of many more.

May it be the beginning of a White winter!