Flower essences for motivation

by | Feb 13, 2023

Recently, I participated in an online workshop with the Center for Biography and Social Art. 

The workshop was called “Seasons in Nature, Seasons in Life.” Over 20 participants from throughout the United States, as well as other countries, shared experiences which we have had during various “seasons” of our lives. It was a nourishing two hours of meeting new people and sharing and hearing life stories.

Our discussion included a question to ponder: What have I brought with me into this lifetime that is meant through my “right activity” and my “human love and human working” to come into the world through me? 

That evening I picked a book off my shelf–Flower Remedies Handbook: Emotional Healing & Growth with Bach & Other Flower Essences by Donna Cunningham. I read a section entitled “Remedies That Help Develop Attitudes and Habits for Success.” 

I thought of the conversations from the workshop and wondered: Which essences can best support us in bringing our unique gifts and talents into the world? Which can help us overcome barriers such as resistance, procrastination, overwhelm, and lack of confidence? 

One of the Flower Essence Society essences mentioned was blackberry—a helpful essence for overcoming procrastination and inertia and putting visions into action. 

white flowers and green berries of a blackberry plant

Blackberry blossom and young fruit” by CharlesFred is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

(Interesting that the popular device first introduced in the late 1990s that evolved into a pager, mobile phone, and two-way radio was called a Blackberry.) 

Another was Madia—helpful for increasing our ability to focus and concentrate on tasks. (The Alaskan Essences Easy Learning Combination Formula in drops or spray bottle are wonderful for helping us stay focused avoiding distractions when there is work to be done.)

The Bach Flower essence Larch strengthens us when we lack confidence in our abilities and are so sure we are going to fail that we don’t even try.

pink flowering cones of the Larch tree

Larch” by pi_mento is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0.

 (The Alaskan Essence Tamarack helps us when we lack awareness of our true capacities and when we need support getting in touch with our true abilities and potential.)

Bach’s essence Elm helps those who are capable and have much to offer, yet are overwhelmed by their tasks and responsibilities. 

If we are discouraged when facing obstacles to our life’s work, Gentian can help. If the despair runs deeper and our various efforts to turn things around have not been successful, Gorse can be a helpful support.

When facing difficult situations such that we need the strength of a “spiritual warrior,” Mountain Pride can be effective.

bright pink flowers of the Mountain Pride plant

Mountain Pride” by Dawn Endico is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

What I realized during the biography workshop, Seasons of Nature, Seasons of Life is that the gifts we have to offer to the world often appear in seed form in our early life and then sprout and grow during our lifetime. Later in life, our efforts bear fruit, and from this fruit, new seeds for the future are planted. Even if these fruits are not meant to be taken up by us and are, instead, to be tended and nurtured by the next generation. 

And this beautiful life cycle of seed, sprout, growth, blossom, fruit, and seed again can be supported by the gifts of flower essences. Indeed, the essences can be helpful companions on our journey throughout all stages and seasons of our lives.