Consultation Services

Individual Consultation

60-90 minutes

online, by phone, or in-person*

Includes two bottles of your custom flower essence remedy, plus shipping if applicable, and a 15-20 minute check-in call.

Fee: $95.00

Animal Consultation

60 minutes (pet doesn’t have to be present)

online, by phone, or in-person*

Includes a custom flower essence remedy for your pet, plus shipping if applicable, and a 15-20 minute check-in call.

Fee: $85.00

What essences are included in the blend?

A unique selection of essences from Bach Flower Essences, Alaskan Essences, and/or Flower Essence Society, among others, may be included in your custom remedy. I have trained with highly-qualified flower essence practitioner teachers in each of these organizations. All of the essences used are of the highest quality and have been used for many decades by people of all ages.

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*In-person appointments may be available for those in:

    • Berkshire County, Massachusetts
    • Columbia County, New York
    • Erie County, New York

Sliding scale options available for those who need them. Please reach out with a request.

What to Expect

During your first consultation, we will delve into any areas of your life in which you would like support. Experiences from your past, as well as those from the present, may be discussed in order to compose an integrated mosaic of your life events. 

In the process, patterns, behaviors, and beliefs will be revealed and we can discuss which ones are supporting and helping you or which may be less helpful and need to be re-patterned or changed for your health and well-being.

Each consultation session lasts approximately one and a half hours. They can be conducted in-person (if we are in the same area), on the phone, or through Zoom.

Together, we will co-create a custom remedy of vibrational essences. This essence formula will either be given to you in person or will be shipped by priority mail.

You may typically take the essence formula for a number or weeks, perhaps up to a few months. During this time, it can be helpful to pay special attention, noticing what shifts you are experiencing. Journalling, creating art, walking in nature, talking with loved ones, and recalling your dreams can all be helpful in guiding you to notice the often subtle changes the remedy may bring about.

Other means of self-care, such as eating healthy foods, getting extra sleep, and receiving supportive body work may be helpful during this time.

During our next session, we will discuss both positive life changes you have experienced and areas of your life where you are still needing support. You can share any insights or ask questions that have arisen over the past weeks which you would like to address.

Working with flower essences has been metaphorically compared to peeling the layers of an onion. Once one layer is removed, the one underneath it is revealed. When we make positive changes in one area, another area needing change is then often ready to emerge. Your next remedy can help address and support the new changes your Soul is ready to make on its journey.

Each person’s journey is unique. Some people see the benefits of using flower essences continually as part of their self-care and personal development. Others choose to use remedies more intermittently or for support for a short-term issue.

Whatever way you choose to approach and develop a relationship to flower essence remedies is up to you. Even a single remedy can bring about important life shifts.

Working continually with the flower essences can result in deeper personal growth and transformation.

Ultimately in flower essence therapy, we are not trying to repair outer symptoms, so much as we are attempting to stimulate inner possibilities. We do not know what the end point of transformation will be — the soul, in concert with other spiritual powers, knows this — our goal is to give the soul the roots and wings that it needs to continue to shape and create its destiny.

Patricia Kaminski in Flowers that Heal: How to Use Flower Essences (1998)